Lens Wallet

A social wallet powered by ERC-6551 and ERC-4337. Explore and experience web3 in a new and exciting way.


There are endless possibilities with what you can do with Lens Wallet.

Use your NFT as a wallet

Connect and interact with dapps as your NFT with Lens Wallet using Profile Sign in. Collect POAPs, hold, send and receive assets. This expands the functionalities of the NFT, giving them on-chain identity.


Discover and communicate with Web3 Profiles, NFTs and wallet addresses in one place. Find common interests & activity with others and easily connect and chat with them.

Lens Protocol

See the latest & trending topics and stay up-to-date with what's happening in Lens Protocol. Explore different Web3 Profiles and stay engaged with the community.


A place to explore your holdings and be notified of other people's journey in web3. Track wallets of NFT collectors or traders and receive real-time notifications of different activities. See the hierarchical structure of your TBAs and more.

Wallet Browser

An innovative way to browse through different dapps and interact with them as your NFT. Bookmark your favorite dapps in web3 all in your Lens Wallet.


What is Lens Wallet?

Lens Wallet is a self-custodial social wallet powered by ERC-6551 and ERC-4337.
With Lens Wallet, you can stay up-to-date with the latest trends and things happening in Lens Protocol. Discover, connect and easily communicate with Web3 Profiles, wallet addresses and NFTs. You can view the different statistics and keep track of latest activities of wallets.

What’s a self-custodial wallet?

Self-custodial wallet means you have full control over your funds and assets. You’re in control and no one can stop you from accessing them.

What is Token Bound Account (TBA)?

A Token bound account is a smart contract wallet which is controlled by an NFT. You can use it as a normal wallet same as how you would use Metamask, etc.
TBA expands the functionalities of the NFT, giving them on-chain identities.

Can I send and receive assets with Lens Wallet?

Yes, you can send and receive assets (ERC-20, ERC-721, ERC-1155, etc) with your Lens Wallet.

Can I nest a TBA inside another TBA?

Yes, you can nest TBAs inside another TBAs, there is no limit on how far down you go. In the portfolio, you can view the hierarchical structure of the TBAs in easy to view format.

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